Most natural color contact lenses for dark eyes?

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Finding gorgeous and natural color contact lenses for dark eyes can be extremely challenging! All the choices on the market are either extremely expensive or too noticeable with a large pupil hole.

Look no further, Deer Lens straight from Korea have perfected the natural color contact lenses. With a huge cult following with supporters ranging from Pony's Makeup and BTS V (Kim Taehyung). Deer Lens is the ultimate choice for celebrities and top makeup artist!

For supporters new to Deer Lens here are some of the top sellers!

Deer Lens 52 Hazel, a natural light brown color contact lens a huge dupe for our other best sellers (Olens Velvet Brown, Solotica Hidrocor Mel) at a amazing price $23 USD for a yearly lens, these are the top choice with the smallest pupil hole on the market. Making these the most natural hazel contact lenses for dark eyes!

Deer Lens 12 Gray, Pony's Makeup favorite contact lenses-Pony has bee seen spotted wearing the lenses year round due to its super flattering natural gray color with green undertones. These are a amazing dupe for (IDOL QUEEN EUROPE GRAY) making these one of the most natural gray color contact lenses.

BTS V one of Korea's top trendsetter has been seen spotting the gorgeous yellow brown contact lenses on more than one occasion. These yellow-brown color contact lenses have a extremely strong color pay off giving all wearers a super unique look! Deer Lens 12 brown are one of Kim Taehyungs favorite color contact lenses.


To check out this amazing color contact lens brand for yourself click this link! Deer Lens.

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