LensTown Tintbling UNICORN Brown
LensTown Tintbling UNICORN Brown
LensTown Tintbling UNICORN Brown
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Lens Town Tintbling UNICORN Brown 
Dia : 14.2mm
BC : 8.7mm
Graphic Dia : 13.3mm 
Weight : 42g
Period of Use : 1month after opening (2p in one pack)

Note : 
2pcs of lenses with same optical power are in 1 pack.
If you have different eyeglass prescriptions for each eye, please order 1 pack each for your eye.
If not, not necessary to order for each eye.

 Lens Town is professional.
Shows sophisticated manners with excellent sense. 
Work perfectly and judge reasonably.
Actively engage in human relations, and there are always people around us.
You are the center of the lens town’s life. Youmake all the decisions in your life and you will not lose your dignified and confident attitude at all times.
Lens Town is a beautiful female eye that represents Korea. 
It is a beauty icon that builds and spreads a distinctive culture beyond beauty brand.